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A Nourishing Collection cover

A Nourishing Collection

2023 Special Edition

Our annual special edition for 2023, A Nourishing Collection, is dedicated to the wide-ranging food resources within the California State Library’s collections. It features articles from almost every California State Library department and highlights all things food in celebration of Sacramento Farm to Fork month(September.) The articles inside cover the diversity of food collections within each department, including a showcase of braille cookbooks from the Braille Talking Book Library and a look at California History’s materials on the California Fruit Grower’s Exchange often referred to as Sunkist Growers. This special edition comes with five limited edition recipe cards featuring recipes from the 1900s and 1800s, which are all inspired by the California State Library collections. Get yours while supplies last!

Harriet G Eddy and California County Libraries A New Interpretation

Writings of a Californiac: A Retrospective Tribute to Gary F.

2022 Special Edition

The 2022 Special Edition Bulletin is dedicated to our long-time editor, Gary F. Kurutz. Kurutz has spent decades putting together this wonderful publication and turning it into the award-winning accomplishment that it is. In December of 2021, Kurutz decided to finally rest his red correction pen and set sails for a new life in retirement. In his years as editor, he penned dozens of articles for our publication that brought to life the collections and ongoings of the California State Library. In this retrospective tribute you will find 18 selected articles from his first 50 Bulletins. An outstanding demonstration of his dedication to the history of California and the collections of the California State Library. This limited edition goes out to everyone who maintains a Sponsor level or higher membership with the California State Library Foundation. It is in limited supply with only 300 copies. Get yours now.

Harriet G Eddy and California County Libraries A New Interpretation

Harriet G. Eddy and California County Libraries, A New Interpretation

2021 Special Edition

The California State Library Foundation is happy to introduce the 2021 Limited Edition Publication featuring author Hui-Lan H. Titangos. This 36-page edition celebrates California’s first county library organizer, Harriet G. Eddy, and her life’s dedication to education through libraries. Designed by graphic artist Angela Caldwell and featuring historical images from the California State Library collections as well as a forward from Michael Buckland, Prof. Emeritus from the School of Information at the University of California in Berkeley.

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