Bulletin 141

2022 Kibbey Fellow, Francisco Centola, begins a three part article on transportation revolutions, Hui-Lan Titangos...

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Bulletin 140

New Braille & Talking Book Assistive Technology available for lending, an update from the Digital...

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Bulletin 139

A discussion on job training and the war on poverty during the 1960s with Mr....

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Bulletin 138

More discoveries from Government Publications and Witkin State Law Library, and an introduction to educational...

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Bulletin 137

Reintroduction to The California State Library’s Witkin Law Library and the Government Publication Section. Featuring...

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Bulletin 136

An exploration into the power of photography featuring an exciting article on photographic evidence by...

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Bulletin 135

Welcomes the new mural addition to Gillis Hall with an exciting four-page fold out, while...

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Bulletin 134 cover

Bulletin 134

Revisit some historic San Francisco souvenir books and sewing machine advertising while celebrating a decade...

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Bulletin 133 cover

Bulletin 133

Featuring a local family’s fight for truth and reparations in Coloma, California and showcasing a...

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Bulletin 132 cover

Bulletin 132

Introducing the Digital Concierge Service and staff. Discover the history of San Diego’s Tent City...

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Bulletin 131 cover

Bulletin 131

More behind the scenes of a pandemic in the California State Capitol and State Library...

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Bulletin 130 cover

Bulletin 130

Behind the scenes of a pandemic through the eyes of the public in the Covid...

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