Inspire a strong future by preserving the past.

Cultural heritage is one of the most valuable assets that we have. We need it to grow, to develop, and to thrive. With it, we become better people.

Our Mission

The California State Library Foundation is the independent philanthropic partner of the California State Library in strengthening information resources which enrich the social and cultural heritage of California and its people. 

Our world is obsessed with the future. So, why would anyone be concerned about historical documents and objects?

History may lack immediate rewards, but it is universally indispensable. In fact, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) views the loss of cultural artifacts as a devastating impact on a nation’s security and stability.

Understanding our past helps us understand how to motivate positive change, inspire citizenship, and improve quality of life. Cultural education also helps us increase awareness, develop critical thinking skills, and solve problems. It is the key to growth.

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Support Cultural Education

The California State Library Foundation needs your help to protect the Library’s culturally essential services and vast collection containing millions of artifacts. While the Library does receive funding from state and federal governments, ever-increasing competition for those funds means looking beyond tax revenue to accomplish objectives. You can make a difference!


Bulletin 140

New Braille & Talking Book Assistive Technology available for lending, an update from the Digital...

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Bulletin 139

A discussion on job training and the war on poverty during the 1960s with Mr....

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Bulletin 138

More discoveries from Government Publications and Witkin State Law Library, and an introduction to educational...

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Bulletin 137

Reintroduction to The California State Library’s Witkin Law Library and the Government Publication Section. Featuring...

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Bulletin 136

An exploration into the power of photography featuring an exciting article on photographic evidence by...

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Bulletin 135

Welcomes the new mural addition to Gillis Hall with an exciting four-page fold out, while...

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Bulletin 134 cover

Bulletin 134

Revisit some historic San Francisco souvenir books and sewing machine advertising while celebrating a decade...

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Bulletin 133 cover

Bulletin 133

Featuring a local family’s fight for truth and reparations in Coloma, California and showcasing a...

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Bulletin 132 cover

Bulletin 132

Introducing the Digital Concierge Service and staff. Discover the history of San Diego’s Tent City...

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Bulletin 131 cover

Bulletin 131

More behind the scenes of a pandemic in the California State Capitol and State Library...

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Bulletin 130 cover

Bulletin 130

Behind the scenes of a pandemic through the eyes of the public in the Covid...

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Bulletin 129 cover

Bulletin 129

Women’s Suffrage in California, A tribute to Sutro librarian Richard Dillon, and 170 years of...

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The Blog

California State Library Posters

California State Library Posters

Over the past year, the California State Library and the California State Library Foundation have worked with artist, writer, and bibliophile Patricia Wakida and her business the Wasabi Press to create a ...
Farm to Fork Street Festival 2023

Farm to Fork Street Festival 2023

We are excited to announce that the California State Library Foundation is one of the participating vendors in this year's Farm to Fork Street Festival! The eighth annual Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Festival will ...

“CSLF publishes a series of high quality and scholarly publications, most notably the long run Bulletin. Its editors are professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of California, its past, present, and tangible future. Its special issues are delightful to read and collect, with their well-researched, but untapped topics on places, buildings, and people of historical importance. ”

Hui-Lan Titangos, Santa Cruz

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