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Bulletin 118 cover

The latest edition of the Bulletin is out in print, and the full color version is available on our website.

In this issue CSUS Professor Emeritus Mark Riley details the treasure trove of “minor arts” found on the edifice and interior of the State Library’s Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building at 914 Capitol Mall, Sacramento.  The building is dotted with many mythological figures including the image of Hermes,  Jupiter’s messenger, pictured with his winged helmet and a caduceus (above).

Leigh Johnsen, Consulting historian for the Center for Sacramento History, uses maps and other primary documents to sleuth the original site of the State Library in what is now Old Sacramento. (Hint: it’s the second building on the left.) Wormer bldg
Historian and author Gary Noy (and Foundation Board member, to boot) reveals some “Hidden Treasures” of historic Santa Catalina from the California History Section’s archives. Other articles include Gary Kurutz’s fond profile of Caroline Wenzel, former History Section head; Dr. Robert Chandler details a new commemorative coin collection donated by Robert Livingston, and Michael Dolgushkin shares insights into the Paul Jorgen Gothesen collection on the San Francisco Bay Area ferry system. And Mr. Kurutz enthuses over a rare Cheloniidae Press edition of  Mark Twain’s The Jumping Frog, The Private Printing of the “Jumping Frog” Story, complete with an afterword by Twain.

You can purchase back issues of the Bulletin here.  Or, better yet, join the Foundation and receive these beautiful keepsake issues as part of your membership.


Chicago Cubs spring training on Santa Catalina

coins7 - Copy

One of many commemorative coins donated by Robert Livingston.



Chelloniidae Press “Jumping Frog”


The Piedmont, a San Francisco Bay side wheeler.

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Medusa in all her scariness

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