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LIMITED EDITION 2021 SPECIAL PUBLICATION: Harriet G. Eddy and California County LibrariesA New Interpretation The California State Library Foundation is happy to introduce the 2021 Limited Edition Publication featuring author Hui-Lan H. Titangos.
This 36-page edition celebrates California’s first county library organizer, Harriet G. Eddy, and her life’s dedication to education through libraries.
Designed by graphic artist Angela Caldwell and featuring historical images from the California State Library collections as well as a forward from Michael Buckland, Prof. Emeritus from the School of Information at the University of California in Berkeley.


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Special Issues of the California State Library Bulletin

No. 106: Grand Reopening of the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building, 2014.

This issue delves into the complex 2010 – 2013 renovation of the building to its reflect its original Art Deco-era specs, and highlights some of its historic tenants, including many California Attorneys General. Beautifully designed by graphic artist Angela Tannehill, the issue features stunning photographs by Vincent Beiderbecke and Matt Bartok.

44 pages $7.50

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To celebrate the State Library’s 150th anniversary in 2000, the Foundation published three special issues of the Bulletin:
Number 67: Rich, Rare, and Curious: Treasures of the California State Library.
Compiled by Gary F. Kurutz with a foreword by Dr. Kevin Starr. Designed by Vickie Lockhard, this issue consists of 75 pages including several full-color illustrations describing the history and special collections of Library. The publication also served as a catalog for the Library’s exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum.
75 pages. $10.00
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Number 68: Biographies of State Librarians from 1850 to the Present
By Kathleen Correia and John Gonzales; “California State Library Chronology,” and “Journeying to Help Libraries: An essential issue on the Library’s history. A Brief History of the Library Development Services Bureau” by Christopher Berger.
51 pages. $7.50

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Number 69. This issue commemorates the first renovation of the historic Library and Courts Building in 1985. A special highlight are the beautiful color photographs by architectural photographer Cathy Kelly. “California State Library: Changing and Expanding Sites” by Vickie Lockhart; “The Capitol Extension Group with a Focus on the Library and Courts Building” by Dorothy Regnery; “History on the Walls: The Maynard Dixon and Frank Van Sloun Murals” by Donald J. Hagerty, and “Clothed in Burnt Earth: Gladding, McBean and the Library and Courts Building” by Gary F. Kurutz.
43 pages. $7.50

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Gary F. Kurutz, Editor. Indexed in Library Literature.
Sent automatically to members of the Foundation. Subscriptions to libraries, museums, and historical societies. Back issues available.
ISSN 0741-0344
Quarterly. $30.00/year (does not automatically renew)
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Numbers 1-25.
Compiled by Gary E. Strong. 1988.
ISBN 0-927722-23-3
36 pages. Softcover. $7.50

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Edited by Gary E. Strong and Gary F. Kurutz.
California State Library Foundation, 1985.
Guide to the collection of Western Americana at the California State Library including periodicals, journals, maps, newspapers, photographs, manuscripts, and ephemera. Published as a special issue of the California State Library Foundation Bulletin. No.13. October 1985.
ISBN 0-929722-07-8
44 pages. Softcover. $7.50

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California and the Camera, From Glass to Film: 1850 – 1930 Sold out
By Wayne Bonnett


Published by Windgate Press in Sausalito (2014), this stunning collection of photographs is available for purchase through the California State Library Foundation’s website. Featuring images from the library’s California History Section Bonnett traces the state’s development through the evolution of the art and science of photography, from daguerreotype and mammoth silver gelatin prints, to modern film. His tribute to the intrepid photographers who documented California’s emerging industrial and agricultural empire would make a perfect gift for photography enthusiasts and California history buffs.

Price: $50.00 Now $25!! Sold out

(plus tax and shipping)

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Unsettling The West: Eliza Farnham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby in Frontier California
By JoAnn Levy
(Heyday Books, 2004)


Gold Rush author and historian JoAnn Levy’s entertaining, and meticulously researched biography of two nineteenth century women and their overlooked contribution to civil rights activism is now on sale through the California State Library Foundation at the affordable price of $10 per copy (includes tax, shipping and handling).

Unsettling the West: Eliza Farnham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby in Frontier California (2004), is an invaluable addition to Women’s Studies and American West scholarship. From the time they met working at Sing Sing prison in New York, these two bloomer-wearing women forged a friendship which they carried to the shores of California, They fought for women’s suffrage while coping with the daily trials and tribulations of pioneer life at a time when infant mortality was high and outspoken women were ostracized.

In their quest for social justice, Farnham and Kirby crossed paths and sometimes ideological swords with notable figures such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Horace Greeley. Farnham published one of the first accounts of life in early statehood California. JoAnn Levy’s clever use of the women’s own words paints a remarkable, sometimes harrowing, oft-times inspiring picture of two intrepid women against the backdrop of a state charting an identity.

Pay by PayPal below or Mail payment to:
California State Library Foundation
1225 ~ 8th Street, Suite 345
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Isaiah West Taber: A Photographic Legacy 1870 – 1900Sold out
By Linda and Wayne Bonnett
Windgate Press, 2004

The handsome volume, illustrated with 200 photographs, features the Taber collection in the State Library’s California History Section. Linda and Wayne Bonnett of the Windgate Press wrote the text and designed the book. It also includes an introduction by State Library Special Collections Curator Gary F. Kurutz.

The name of Taber appeared in almost every California portrait album of the nineteenth century. Today, Isaiah West Taber is acknowledged as one of California’s outstanding photographers. His work appears in museums, libraries, historical collections, and is sought after by private collectors. Publisher as well as photographer, Taber produced over 30,000 scenic views of California and the West. Taber: A Photographic Legacy combines photographs with the story of Isaiah Taber himself, from his arrival in California during the gold rush, to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, when all his glass negatives were lost.

Hardcover. $50 Now $25!! Sold out

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Presidio Soldiers: San Francisco and Beyond
By Wayne Bonnett
Windgate Press, 2012

From the Presidio of San Francisco to remote Alaskan outposts, to Northern Mexico in search of Pancho Villa, Tucker Beckett photographed the lives of ordinary soldiers in extraordinary circumstances. With his hand-held Kodak he created a remarkable document and captured the spirit of soldiering in the early twentieth century.

Hardcover. $50 Now $25!! 1 copy left!

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California Calls You: The Art of Promoting the Golden State, 1870 – 1940
By KD Kurutz and Gary Kurutz
Windgate Press, 2000

This award-winning compilation features the best California promotional graphics from 1870 to 1940.

Hardcover. $50 Now $25!!

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The Forgotten War: the Conflict between Mexico and the United States 1846 – 1849 Sold out

By W. Michael Mathes
California State Library Foundation, 2003.

This expertly annotated bibliography by Dr. W. Michael Mathes of the Spanish language material held by the Sutro Library in San Francisco is extensively illustrated. Dr. Mathes is the Sutro Library’s Honorary Curator of Mexicana and a highly acclaimed authority on the history of Mexico. His lucid commentary on the war and his descriptions of dozens of books, pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers, and manuscripts represents the first detailed bibliography published in California to emphasize the Mexican viewpoint. The publication is supplemented by an annotated checklist of the Library’s extensive collection of nineteenth century English language books, pamphlets, manuscripts, prints, and sheet music by Gary F. Kurutz, Curator of Special Collections. The latter portion emphasizes the American viewpoint and the conquest of Alta California.

Softcover $25.00 
Sold out

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A Southern California Album: Selected Photographs, 1880 – 1900
By Wayne Bonnett
Windgate Press

This lovely collection of photographs (many previously unpublished) records the early entrepreneurs and their dreams of grand parks, lavish resorts and the beginnings fo new towns and new transportation systems. See how photographers recorded the last vetstiges of an earlier culture and captured a vast agricultural paradise on its way to becoming an urban empire.

Hardcover. $50 Now $25!! 1 copy left!

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The 1851 Directory and History of Sacramento
By J. Horace Culver
A Facsimile Edition of Sacramento’s First Book
Edited by Mead B. Kibbey
California State Library Foundation, 2000

This facsimile edition of J. Horace Culver’s Sacramento Directory for the year 1851 makes available one of the rarest and most important books concerning Sacramento and the Gold Rush. Historian and author Mead B. Kibbey has supplemented the directory with a history of Sacramento to 1851, biographical sketches, and informative appendices. Culver’s directory, published on January 1, 1851, ranks as Sacramento’s first book and was published just two years after the founding of the city. Only four known copies of the city’s first general directory are found in institutional collections. The original ninety-six page directory, in addition to the list of 1,425 names, includes a fascinating overview of the city detailing its rapid progress, a series of informative advertisements, and such useful lists as names of doctors, lawyers, steamboat pilots, government officials, boarding houses, churches, saloons, and places of amusement.

An essential work for those interested in California local history, the publication is supported by five appendices including the directory arranged by modern street addresses and first-hand accounts of the Sacramento region by Commander Charles Wilkes, Thomas 0. Larkin, Joseph Folsom, and a trip across Mexico by James McClatchy. Twenty-nine illustrations, a ten-page table converting old to modern addresses, and a map further enrich this important contribution to California history. Folded map included.

Hardcover. $40 Limited availability.

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By Samuel Colville
Edited and Introduced by Mead B. Kibbey
California State Library Foundation, 1997.


This facsimile edition of Samuel Colville’s The Sacramento Directory for the Year 1853-54 makes available one of the most important directories from the rambunctious Gold Rush era. The volume includes Dr. John F. Morse’s History of Sacramento, the first published narrative history of the river city. Historian and author Mead B. Kibbey has supplemented the directory with a 24 page introduction. Colville’s directory, in its original 1853 format, is incredibly rare with only six known institutional copies. The directory is loaded with names of prominent pioneers and advertisements for key businesses. In addition to the usual compendium of names, the directory has a separate listing for hotels and saloons and an appendix documenting city boundaries, wards, post office rates, benevolent and social organizations, churches, fire departments, newspapers, schools, and inland steam navigation companies. Reproductions of contemporary pictorial letter sheets provide a visual record of Colville’s city. A particularly valuable addition is a folding 20 x 30 inch facsimile map of Sacramento city in 1850 by L.W. Sloat. Folded map included.

Hardcover. $37.00 Limited availability.

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Images of El Dorado: Daguerreotype Treasures of the California State Library
California State Library Foundation, 2002

This color keepsake issue of early California daguerreotypes from the California History Section’s collection was presented to the Daguerreian society on the occasion of its annual meeting in October, 2002.

Softcover. $5.00

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By Wayne Bonnett.
Windgate Press, 1996.
Victorian San Francisco: The 1895 Illustrated Directory is a collection of highly detailed line drawings of downtown San Francisco in its Victorian heyday with a prologue by Wayne Bonnett. The block-by-block renderings show every business, restaurant, bank, and haberdasher and an index of merchants lists hundreds of familiar and unfamiliar business names. Sausalito authors and publishers Wayne and Linda Bonnett unearthed this rare volume at the California State Library and decided to reprint it. For researchers and historians trying to identify old buildings in faded photographs, this 130-page directory is an invaluable source.Hardcover. $50.00 Now $25!! Limited quantities available.
 Sold out
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Text by Gary F. Kurutz, Photographs by Mary Swisher
Windgate Press, 1989

During the era when terra cotta shaped the American cityscape, Gladding, McBean & Company was the pre-eminent clay products manufacturer on the Pacific Coast. Author Gary Kurutz describes the history of Gladding, McBean & Company and its major projects in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and Oakland. The State Library preserves the early archives and photographs of this historic company.

Hardcover. $50.00 Now $25!! Limited quantities available. Sold out


Introduction by Richard Dillon. Edited by Gary E. Strong
California State Library Foundation, 1989
The catalog is a complete listing of Louis J. Stellman photographs held by the California State Library and includes his manuscript, “Chinatown: A Pictorial Souvenir and Guide” written in 1917.Softcover. $5.00
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WEST OF THE WEST: Imagining California
Edited by Leonard Michaels, Raquel Scherr, and David Reid
North Point Press, 1989
A wonderful anthology of California writers and their various perceptions of the Golden State.Hardcover. $5.00 Sold out
BOOK COLLECTORS OF STANFORD: An Eclectic Eight Who Shaped the Stanford University Libraries.
By John Y. Cole. Introduction by David C. Weber. California State Library Foundation, 1991.
A California Center for the Book project in cooperation with the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. 1991. This book of essays focuses on eight prominent donors of book collections to Stanford University during its first 50 years, 1891-1941. They include Leland and Jane Stanford, Timothy Hopkins, David Starr Jordan, Thomas Welton Stanford, John Casper Branner, Herbert Hoover, Kate F. Elkins, and Frederick E. Brasch.Softcover. $5.00
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By W. Michael Mathes.
California State Library Foundation, 1985.
Describes the establishment of academic libraries in New Spain in the 1500s particularly at the Colegio Imperial de Santa Cruz. A final chapter traces the library collection from 1605 to 1980. The books were purchased by Adolph Sutro and are now part of the Sutro Library branch of the State Library.Softcover. $5.00
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Local History and Genealogy Resources of the California State Library
Edited by Gary E. Strong, with an Introduction by Gary F. Kurutz
California State Library Foundation, 1991
Even in the era of electronic genealogy resources, this handbook is still one of the best guides to local history resources in California.Softcover. $5.00
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THE SUTRO LIBRARY SURNAME, LOCAL AND STATE HISTORY, AND MISCELLANEOUS SUBJECT CATALOGS. 3rd edition. 1990. Microfiche edition. 182 microfiche and User’s Guide.The Sutro Library is one of the major genealogical reference libraries in the United States containing the finest collection of American genealogy and local history on the West Coast. This catalog encompasses more than 250,000 entries. While much has been added since 1990, this fiche publication still covers the vast majority of the collection.Microfiche. $150.00
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FINE PRINTERS: The New Generation in Southern California
By Ward Ritchie.
California State Library Foundation, 1988
Composed in Monotype Bembo by Patrick Reagh and printed letterpress by Patrick Reagh Printers. Illustrations printed offset by Cunningham Press. Binding designed by Ward Ritchie and bound by Bela Blau. Selected by the Rounce and Coffin Club for the 48th Exhibition of Western Books.Softcover. $5.00
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THE MYSTIQUE OF PRINTING: A Half Century of Books Designed by Ward Ritchie.
Foreword by Lawrence Clark Powell
California State Library Foundation, 1984
A catalog of the Ward Ritchie exhibit at the California State Library in 1984.Softcover. $2.50
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By Lillian Marks. Preface by Gary E. Strong
California State Library Foundation, 1989
Composed in Monotype Bembo by Patrick Reagh. Title-page woodcut by Edgar Dorsey Taylor. 250 copies printed letterpress by Patrick Reagh on Mohawk Superfine Paper. An edition of 60 copies was printed on the Albion hand press at the California State Library in Sacramento. The press was previously owned by Saul and Lillian Marks of the Plantin Press in Los Angeles. This is the first book printed on the press at the State Library.Softcover. $2.50
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By Dr. Kevin Starr. Introduction by Gardner Haskell.
California State Library Foundation, 1989
A search of the pattern behind the rich profusion of bibliographical experience and symbolic meaning. Among numerous topics, Starr discusses the role of imperial bibliography, the bookseller/publisher, the search for the Hispanic past, fine printing and the graphic arts, the real estate analogy, and historians and historiography.Softcover. $5.00
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